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My 30 minutes with Stephie Pahlavi Zan

by Martin Lazarow

We hit and missed each other 3 times, but finally on the 4 th we got it together.

I had been working through the night and needed badly to do my shopping. I had  no food left in the refrigerator, but Stephie said lets get it together no questions asked. I  am at Starbucks on Fifth Avenue at Robinson.

I dropped everything threw on the clothes I had ( no washing in the last week ) and made my way out to meet in destiny.

Now I was not sure where Robinson was  and it was close to 10am. So I sent Stephie an e-mail that said 11.30 would do quite well.

I got to Starbucks early.

It turns out Stephie was there waiting in front with his Mac Book Pro. It took very little time to fully recognize each…

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