My 30 minutes with Stephie Pahlavi Zan by Martin Lazarow.

We hit and missed each other 3 times, but finally on the 4 th we got it together.I had been working through the night and needed badly to do my shopping. I had no food left in the refrigerator, but Stephie said lets get it together no questions asked. I am at Starbucks on Fifth Avenue at Robinson.I dropped everything threw on the clothes I had ( no washing in the last week ) and made my way out to meet in destiny.Now I was not sure where Robinson was and it was close to 10am. So I sent Stephie an e-mail that said 11.30 would do quite well.I got to Starbucks early.It turns out Stephie was there waiting in front with his Mac Book Pro. It took very little time to fully recognize each other. Stephie and I only knew each other from the Social Network he owns, PRIVÉ. But the clue that finally expelled all doubt in my mind was his adorable Chloe firmly at his side.We warmly made a quick friendship with a strong firm handshake. I must admit I was very nervous. It’s not everyday you meet with a Prince.Now we met for coffee but I was more in the mood for a Frappucchino so I ordered a Mocha. I stirred up Stephie’s interest in that he ordered one too. He told me that it was new to him but it looked as time passed that he was enjoying it.Chloe wasn’t doing too well without Starbucks ice cream but Stephie went and ordered her some whipped cream.Now the one thing I had long been pestering PRIVÉ members for was the ability to put images into my comments as words had a severe limitation, and an image says a thousand words. So without further ado Stephie put the computer in front of me and set out to explain everything about images. He knew so much, I’m assuming because of his 10 years as a model in Paris and he enjoys photography as art.Here in lies my biggest embarrassment. Imaging requires copying and pasting. Now I was pretty well OK with this under Windows 7 but I had a new laptop using Windows 8; with Internet Explore 9.In one fell blow Stephie sorted this out for me; which took a bit longer than it should have, but Stephie remained cool and calm. The whole secret in Windows 8 was resolved by a right click on the mouse. So simple when it is shown. But I told Stephie I would learn best when I got home and played around with it myself, and that is precisely what happened.So having sorted out this problem we started getting to know each other. Stephie has really settled down and is living in Hillcrest. This is much like New York’s Greenwich Village, but with a far different climate physically and environmentally. When he settles down he will buy a condo or the this gorgeous Mansion in Point Loma.Stephie is really looking forward to change his lifestyle fundamentally. As he puts it no more suits, no more tuxedos.He is delighted that he can live incognito, setting out a new to find out things about the world, make new friendships and feel out new experiences. All in all Stephie and San Diego are going to like each other very much.Hillcrest is a microcosm of nationalities, a range of restaurants, bookshops, and theaters.I kept querreying him that he is going to miss New York’s Symphonies, Theaters, Broadway, Off Broadway and the like. He is most adamant that it is the range of personalities that he is most desirous off. The main things San Diego has to offer in our City as we we call it San Diego Americas Finest City and the climate is perfect.All to soon 30 minutes have passed and Stephie has another appointment. He graciously excused himself and was welcomed by his chauffeur and Black Lincoln Towncar.Welcome Stephie, I can see San Diego is exactly what you are looking for.Here’s to another 30 minutes some time with me totally relaxed.In a word Stephie, Amen



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