Persian Pearls of Wisdom by Stephie Pahlavi Zan

Stephie Pahlavi Zan, 

in collaboration with the world’s most avant-garde artists, is seeking to fund a limited edition picture book with original pearls of wisdom and a foreword from Stephie himself.

Only a thousand copies of this unique coffee table book offering a unique blend of wisdom & reflective images will be printed and those offering generous patronage towards the book will receive advanced copies signed by Stephie himself.

Those who kindly help to make this project happen will also be offered the opportunity to join Stephie in person at his book signings in New York and Los Angeles.
Why not help to make this artistic vision a reality and contribute today to receive your very own copy of this illuminating work of art & wisdom?

To make a contribution today please visit


About StephiePahlaviZan

Cultures, Languages, Perception, Travel, My Chloe, Human Rights, Snow Skiing, Para sailing, Collecting, Sufism, Persian Poetry, Art, Antiques, Horseback Riding, Psychology, Polo, Philanthropy, Designing, Restructuring, Photography, Continual Evolvement, Cognitive Expansion, Providing Guidance, Charity, Privacy, Beauty, Intelligence, Tennis, Media, Public Relations, Goodwill, Humanitarianism, Music, Pampering, Coins, Global Harmony, Being The Best in All My Endeavors, Chasing Perfection, Lacross, Fencing, True Friendship on Multiple Levels, Sky Diving, Scuba Diving, The Caspian Sea, Rumi, Persian Poems, Quotes, Writing for Expression / Teaching, Maintaining Faith, Making A Difference, Self & Cosmic Awareness, Inner Peace, Aesthetics, Creating Good Memories, Not Becoming Angry at Ignorance, Forgiving, Spirituality, Yachting, Personal Development, Civilizations, Monarchies, Iran, Love of My Country, Persepolis, and a vast multitude of other interests too lengthy to mention.
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